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Living Trust vs. Medicaid Trust: How Relinquishing Control Can Preserve Your Estate

By William Rambaum, PA |

People spend their whole lives working and saving to build financial security into their retirement years, but this period of life often requires individuals to rethink the structure of their finances.  The average person associates estate planning primarily as a way to arrange for the distribution of assets after death, which is a big… Read More »


Why Everyone Needs to Consider Asset Protection

By William Rambaum, PA |

The general goal of thoughtful and carefully-crafted estate plans is to leave a legacy to those left behind that represents the hard work performed by the deceased to amass the assets left to distribute and to ease the financial burden of loved ones once a person is gone.  Proper estate planning documents are vitally… Read More »


Methods to Prevent Inheritance Fights

By William Rambaum, PA |

Parents naturally desire their children to have close relationships so they can support one another during difficult times. When a parent dies, this closeness often makes the deeply-felt grief easier to bear, but even families that have close ties can develop bitter disputes over a parent’s estate plan. Unfortunately, these kinds of disputes can… Read More »


Asset Transfers Related to Medicaid Qualification

By William Rambaum, PA |

Entering a nursing home is a decision few people consider lightly or happily, but it is one of the potential realities of growing older. Few can afford to pay the staggering costs of nursing home care without assistance, and most people turn to Medicaid to provide financial assistance to help cover this expense. However,… Read More »


Addressing the Needs of Someone with Dementia

By William Rambaum, PA |

As a person grows older, there comes the inevitable worry of what to do if Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia take away one’s ability to make sound decisions and carry out daily tasks. Unfortunately, no one knows when or if this tragic situation will manifest, and it may arise before an individual has… Read More »


The Pros and Cons of Probate

By William Rambaum, PA |

When friends and family learn someone is thinking about an estate plan, it is not uncommon to hear a lot of conflicting advice. Some people will say an estate plan is unnecessary and not worth the expense. Others will argue in favor of either setting up a trust or just sticking with a will…. Read More »


The Role of Digital Assets in Your Estate Plan

By William Rambaum, PA |

Digital technology is a part of daily life for everyone, even those that did not grow up using it, or perhaps even contemplating its existence. In fact, digital technology is so pervasive in modern society that it is now an integral part of any comprehensive estate plan. If a person thinks about it, some… Read More »


Why Single Seniors Are Most in Need of an Estate Plan

By William Rambaum, PA |

As a person enters his/her retirement years, unexpected and significant shifts in his/her social circles, both core and extended, occur more often than many people think. Moving to a new place, the death of a spouse, and divorce are all issues that can drastically alter a person’s support system and financial resources. In this… Read More »


Are Trusts a Good Way to Overcome Medicaid Income Limits?

By William Rambaum, PA |

Many people will prepare a comprehensive estate plan as well as essential medical documents, but overlook the importance of preparing for the possibility of long-term nursing home care. The average daily cost for nursing home care in Florida is now $293.33, or approximately $8,800 per month. The Medicaid Institutional Care Program (ICP) can be… Read More »


Medical Decisions and the Incapacitated Patient

By William Rambaum, PA |

The need for advanced planning by seniors concerning end-of-life medical intervention and decision-making authority as part of a comprehensive estate plan can never be overemphasized. No one wants to face a situation where there is no clear authority on who is to make decisions on medical care and the extent of medical care an… Read More »

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