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Florida Lags in Providing Level of Services Seniors Need

By William Rambaum, PA |

Estate planning and long-term medical care are usually the farthest thoughts from people’s minds as they enjoy the holidays. But this time of year offers an opportunity, that is frequently unavailable the rest of the year, to observe and assess the health and potential future needs of older family members. Health issues of aging… Read More »


Estate Planning Considerations for Florida “Snowbirds”

By William Rambaum, PA |

Escaping cold winters to relocate to the milder climate of Florida is a goal of many older Americans living in northern half of the country. Splitting significant periods of time between two residences, particularly if property is owned in both, can have important implications on a person’s estate plan. A number of states in… Read More »


Cleaning Finances to Assist the Estate Planning Process

By William Rambaum, PA |

While the end of one’s life can come at any time, most people have some forewarning of this event, and can prepare for it. One integral aspect of transitioning a family through the death process is the creation of an estate plan that will direct them how to handle a loved one’s affairs after… Read More »


How Trusts Can Serve a Number of Asset Protection Goals

By William Rambaum, PA |

No one wants to see their hard-earned money and property used to pay off creditor claims, a risk both personally and for potential heirs. Asset protection measures can mitigate this risk.  While transferring assets for the express purpose of thwarting a pending creditor’s claim may be ineffective, it is possible to use asset planning… Read More »


Helping Yourself and Your Adult Child Caretakers

By William Rambaum, PA |

It may be uncomfortable to contemplate, but some parents may find themselves in need of the type of care they once provided to their own children. While this role reversal may be uncomfortable, it does offer the benefit of being able to stay in one’s home, as well as avoiding the cost of assisted… Read More »


Executing an Estate Plan Is Not the End

By William Rambaum, PA |

The older one gets, the more one is bombarded with messages about the need to create an estate plan. While not the lightest topic, it is often directly tied to a family’s long-term financial and emotional health. Failure to create an estate plan can lead to the distribution of assets to unintended and/or undesired… Read More »


Factoring Pets into Your Estate Plan

By William Rambaum, PA |

Animals are known for having a therapeutic effect on and providing comfort to their human caretakers, and seniors especially find satisfaction in having a pet near. As one grows older and more distance is put between loved ones and friends, pets often fill in some of that empty space. Generally, pets do not outlive… Read More »


Creditors, Death, and Protecting Your Child’s Inheritance

By William Rambaum, PA |

Few people move through this world completely free from debt, and debt does not automatically disappear when someone dies. Trying to preserve as many assets from creditors as possible is everyone’s goal, and this desire typically extends to even to a beneficiary child’s creditors, who may try to reach their inheritance in the event… Read More »


The Multi-Step Process for Qualifying for Florida Medicaid

By William Rambaum, PA |

No one wants to enter a nursing home, but almost 70 percent of seniors will likely face some level of disability as they grow older. This type of long-term care is expensive and out of reach for most Americans without financial assistance from the Florida Medicaid program. Medicaid is a jointly funded State and… Read More »


Probate Property, Title, and the Distribution of an Estate

By William Rambaum, PA |

Losing a loved one is almost guaranteed to cause a shock, regardless of how anticipated the death was, and trying to cope with the physical absence of the person is typically at the forefront of survivors’ minds in the days immediately following the passing – not necessarily the specific contents or existence of an… Read More »

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