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Recent Blog Posts


The Florida Law That Protects Divorced People from Forgetting to Disinherit Their Former Spouses

By William Rambaum, P.A. |

It can take a long time to sort out the financial fallout from divorce.  After you finish removing your ex-spouse’s name from the titles to assets that you once held jointly, and once you are finished paying attorneys’ fees, the last thing you feel like doing is reviewing your estate plan.  Section 732.507(2) Florida… Read More »


So You Want to Retire in 2030?

By William Rambaum, P.A. |

2020 has felt like an endless year, but Christmas-themed displays in the supermarket are a sure sign that 2021 is just around the corner.  Even if the only times you have left the house in the past eight months have been to go to senior hours at Publix, the time to think about the… Read More »


Can You Name Your Stepson or Stepdaughter as Personal Representative of Your Estate?

By William Rambaum, P.A. |

Step-families often get a bad rap on estate planning law blogs, as many probate disputes arise between stepmothers and their stepchildren.  The lurid stories of those probate disputes, some of which are genuine cases of undue influence, but others of which are just a case of old grudges playing out in court, obscure the… Read More »


The Big Declutter: A Challenging but Necessary Part of Your Estate Plan

By William Rambaum, P.A. |

If you are of retirement age, you probably have lots of stories about how your parents, who were of working age during the Great Depression, never threw anything away.  Even if you love shopping, and even if you are proud to show guests your collection of knickknacks and to bring boxes out of the… Read More »


Gold, Silver, and Your Estate Plan

By William Rambaum, P.A. |

One popular stereotype about grandpas is that they live in Florida.  Another is that they have coin collections.  According to this stereotype, when children visit their grandparents in Florida, the children are required to sit patiently and be pleasant to their grandparents for at least a little while before heading to the beach or… Read More »


Renunciation of Beneficial Interest in Probate Disputes

By William Rambaum, P.A. |

When the estate of a deceased person goes through probate, notices that the estate is open for probate appear in news outlets, and anyone who doubts that authenticity or correctness of the deceased person’s will may challenge it.  Challenging a will in probate is not so simple that anyone with a frivolous claim can… Read More »


Beware of These Five Scams That Target Seniors

By William Rambaum, P.A. |

Scams change with the times; the Spanish prisoner scam, which tended to operate by postal mail, morphed into the Nigerian prince scam in the age of email.  As technology and current events evolve, so do the opportunities to deceive people and defraud them out of money.  It is no secret that seniors are the… Read More »


A Young Person’s Guide to Writing Your Own Will

By William Rambaum, P.A. |

Being the parent of a young child in Florida during the COVID-19 pandemic is enough to make anyone aware of their own mortality.  You might think that wills are only for elderly people or those with substantial assets, and when it first crossed your mind to write your will, you might have been lying… Read More »


Your Kids Don’t Want Your Clutter, but Do They Want Your Money?

By William Rambaum, P.A. |

It is a well-known fact in estate planning law that one person’s family heirloom is another person’s clutter.  As inherited wealth goes, personal property is overrated.  Almost everyone who has tried to pass on once-costly personal property to younger relatives has found out that their sons, daughters, nieces, and nephews would rather have cash… Read More »


Bone-Chilling Tales of Nursing Homes That Offered Residents No Protection Against the Florida Heat

By William Rambaum, P.A. |

One of the most enjoyable things about spending your retirement in Florida is going outside early in the morning to tend your garden or take a walk or a bike ride by the beach.  Once the clock strikes ten, or sometimes even nine, it is time to go back inside to the air conditioning… Read More »

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