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Category Archives: Nursing Home Care


Nursing Home Planning When a Crisis Hits

By William Rambaum, P.A. |

No one has the goal of entering a nursing home when a major health crisis hits, but such events can occur at any time. Prudent planning in advance of this need, i.e., before a person meets the medical qualifications, can make it possible to qualify for Medicaid immediately upon learning that long-term care is… Read More »


Helping Yourself and Your Adult Child Caretakers

By William Rambaum, P.A. |

It may be uncomfortable to contemplate, but some parents may find themselves in need of the type of care they once provided to their own children. While this role reversal may be uncomfortable, it does offer the benefit of being able to stay in one’s home, as well as avoiding the cost of assisted… Read More »


Are Trusts a Good Way to Overcome Medicaid Income Limits?

By William Rambaum, P.A. |

Many people will prepare a comprehensive estate plan as well as essential medical documents, but overlook the importance of preparing for the possibility of long-term nursing home care. The average daily cost for nursing home care in Florida is now $293.33, or approximately $8,800 per month. The Medicaid Institutional Care Program (ICP) can be… Read More »


Using a Trust to Protect Assets and Paying for Nursing Home Care

By William Rambaum, P.A. |

The autonomy individuals enjoy as adults is easy to take for granted, but if someone is concerned about retaining control over their life and living situation into their later years, advanced asset protection planning is needed. Finances are a concern for almost everyone, and making sure there is enough money to cover medical and… Read More »


Planning for Long-Term Nursing Home Care

By William Rambaum, P.A. |

As people age, many face the realization that a time may come when they will no longer be able to care for themselves due to physical or cognitive issues. A skilled nursing home, whether for a few months or indefinitely, may be necessary if daily medical care is required. This realization can be difficult… Read More »

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