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Category Archives: Estate Planning


For Memorabilia Collectors, Estate Planning Can Be Fun

By William Rambaum, P.A. |

When you were a kid, collecting baseball cards was fun; once you went to college, many of your peers had outgrown the hobby.  Meanwhile, your parents started telling you that your baseball card collection was kid stuff, and at some point, they might have even given you a deadline to get your own apartment… Read More »


Millennial Golden Girls: The New Retirement Planning Strategy?

By William Rambaum, P.A. |

The more things change, the more they stay the same.  Perhaps in 2060, kids will have the same response to the question “What did you do during summer vacation?” as they have now.  They will still say, “I went to Florida to visit my Grandma.”  Visiting Grandma in Florida might be different when millennials… Read More »


Is It Worth It To Borrow For Your Children’s Education Instead Of Saving For Retirement?

By William Rambaum, P.A. |

If you want to help your children pay for their college education even though the amount you were able to save for them before they graduated, it does not make you a helicopter parent.  If you are the parent of a recent high school graduate, then the price of a four-year college degree has… Read More »


Who Needs An Estate Plan When You Have Life Insurance?

By William Rambaum, P.A. |

Life insurance is one of the least fun things a person can buy.  It invites gallows humor, like, “I’m worth more dead than I am alive.”  As people return to social events after a year of isolation where there was nothing to do but watch newscasters count the number of people who had died… Read More »


Gender-Related Estate Planning Challenges For Women

By William Rambaum, P.A. |

It is an understatement that women hear so many mixed messages about health, finances, and interpersonal relationships that the only way to stay sane is to tune them all out.  Most maddening is being told to live in the moment by being told that you have to be prepared for everything.  After years of… Read More »


The Case For Delaying Retirement

By William Rambaum, P.A. |

After a year of social isolation, it feels amazing to social in person with anyone, even people you don’t particularly like.  If anything, when a live person is in your presence, a lot of people’s impulse is to reminisce about the things you are thankful for.  Maybe you are grateful to be back to… Read More »


Turning A Family Business Into A Family Heirloom

By William Rambaum, P.A. |

Some people consider it a dream come true to go into business with their siblings, and some parents’ greatest wish is to retire and see all of their children take over the family business together.  Often, though, family businesses can become a venue for sibling rivalry, and once aunts, uncles, and cousins get involved,… Read More »


Your Decision To Retire Could Save Your Family Immeasurable Heartbreak

By William Rambaum, P.A. |

Every year, when you visit your siblings (or perhaps, every week on the family Zoom call), you enthuse about your job, and your siblings tell you, seriously or in jest, that you could have retired years ago.  Maybe you make a joke about how your spouse has expensive tastes or about how work keeps… Read More »


Your Estate Plan Holds The Key To Resolving Money Conflicts With Your Adult Children

By William Rambaum, P.A. |

By now, you are probably familiar with some of the truisms of estate planning.  Let the 4 percent rule guide you in saving for retirement.  Inheriting from a trust is better than inheriting through probate.  Live it up instead of letting your descendants squander your money after you die.  Give your kids their inheritance… Read More »


Life Insurance Can Help Keep The Peace In Blended Families, But Only If You Let It

By William Rambaum, P.A. |

If you have ever bought life insurance, or even looked for it online and wanted to buy it, then congratulations, you are officially old.  Even if you are not old enough to remember a time when people bought insurance from door-to-door salesmen who gabbed like John Goodman’s character in Barton Fink, you are old… Read More »

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