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Clearwater Elder Abuse Attorney

As we age and become less able to care for ourselves, we rely on family members, close friends, and even institutions such as nursing homes to look out for our best interests. While most people in a position of trust try to do right, there are unfortunately far too many cases where elder abuse occurs. This includes not just instances of physical or mental abuse of an elderly person, but also financial exploitation.

If you suspect that someone you care about is the victim of elder abuse, it is critical that you not keep quiet. You should speak to a qualified Clearwater elder abuse attorney right away, William Rambaum is a Florida Bar Board Certified Elder Law Specialist who has been offering legal advice and representation to Pinellas County seniors and their families for over 35 years. He can assist you in investigating potential cases of elder abuse, and if necessary take legal action on your behalf to put a stop to it.

What Is Elder Abuse Under Florida Law?

Florida law imposes both civil and criminal liability on those who abuse an elderly person or disabled adult. Criminal elder abuse involves the “intentional infliction of physical or psychological injury” or an “intentional act that could reasonably be expected” to produce such an injury. Separately, civil law permits a “vulnerable” adult to take legal action–and recover monetary damages–against anyone who has “abused, neglected, or exploited” them.

Exploitation is a particularly widespread form of elder abuse in Clearwater and other parts of Florida. In most cases, the offender abuses a position of trust with an elder person in order to gain access to their money, property, and other assets, which they then proceed to use for their own benefit. Such abuse can even occur in situations, such as a guardianship, where a judge or other state official is supposed to protect the elderly.

Some other common forms of elder abuse that we see include:

  • sexual abuse;
  • improper use of physical restraints by nursing homes;
  • forcible isolation of an elder, e.g., depriving them of access to their family and friends without a valid medical reason;
  • targeting elders with financial scams;
  • neglecting to provide proper care for a dependent elder; and
  • abandoning an elder.

Contact Clearwater Elder Abuse Attorney William Rambaum Today

If you observe any signs of potential elder abuse, which can include anything from physical marks on their body to sudden changes in their behavior, do not sit back and do nothing. For one thing, you have a legal obligation to report any credible evidence of elder abuse to Florida Adult Protective Services. You should also contact an experienced Clearwater elder abuse attorney who can advise you further on the law in this area.

Attorney William Rambaum and his office can investigate suspected cases of elder abuse and represent the victim, or someone acting on their behalf, in taking appropriate legal action. This can include not only removing the elder from an abusive situation but also seeking compensation from their abusers and others who enabled them. So if you are concerned for the well-being of a loved one, do not hesitate to call our office today at 727-781-5357 to schedule an appointment.

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