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Clearwater Guardianship Attorney

At times it is necessary to grant one person the legal authority to make personal or financial decisions for another person. This is what a guardianship does. At William Rambaum, P.A. in Oldsmar, a Clearwater guardianship attorney can represent you in the Florida guardianship process, whether you are a potential guardian or a potential ward.

The guardianship of a child may be required

If a child’s parents have died or otherwise become incapacitated, a guardian for the child must be appointed by the court. There are other instances when a guardian may be required for a child, such as when the child receives an inheritance, a judgment from a lawsuit, or insurance policy proceeds that are greater than a certain amount set out in law.

The guardianship of an adult may be voluntary or involuntary

It is possible for a person to be mentally competent yet still unable to handle his or her own affairs. This person can seek to have a guardian appointed, or can consent to the appointment of a guardian in a voluntary guardianship proceeding.

In an involuntary guardianship, another person is seeking to have a guardian imposed on another. Any person can seek an involuntary guardianship over another, but a court hearing is required, and a guardian will only be appointed if the court is convinced a guardian is needed following an examination of the allegedly incapacitated person by a three-member committee. The potential ward is represented by an attorney in this process.

A guardian can have authority to make decisions regarding a person’s health care or property, or both. When approving a guardianship, the court decides how much power the guardian will have over the ward’s person or estate. Usually, the court will try to make the guardianship be as least restrictive as possible, while still meeting the needs of the ward. Knowledgeable, effective advocacy in court is critical to ensuring the terms of the guardianship are proper.

William Rambaum, P.A. represents potential guardians and wards in the guardianship process, and can also provide advice and assistance regarding estate planning and asset protection measures that should be taken on the ward’s behalf. Through our estate planning practice, we can also create the right combination of documents related to a person’s health care and financial affairs in the event of incapacity, so that it would not be necessary to seek an involuntary guardianship.

Call William Rambaum, P.A. for Assistance with Clearwater Guardianship Matters

If you are considering guardianship for yourself or a loved one, please contact William Rambaum, P.A. for a consultation at 727-781-5357. A Clearwater guardianship attorney would be happy to visit with you and explore your best options for managing the care of yourself or a loved one.

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