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Clearwater Nursing Home Planning Attorney

Thinking about who will care for you when you are no longer able to care for yourself can be a very scary thought. The same is true for moving into a nursing home – most people do not want to consider the idea of leaving their current abode and living in an unfamiliar setting.

Whether for yourself, a spouse, or a loved one, planning for nursing home care now can provide peace of mind when thinking about the future. At the law offices of William Rambaum, P.A., our Clearwater nursing home planning attorney knows how intimidating a conversation about nursing home planning can be, and promise to help you make the decision that is best for you or your loved one.

The Benefits of Nursing Home Planning

Making a plan for nursing home care now, while you are still mentally and physically capable of doing so, has a number of advantages. Some of the biggest benefits of nursing home planning include:

  • Eliminating stress and pressure for loved ones, who would otherwise be faced with the tough decision of what to do if you were unable to care for yourself.
  • Getting your financial and personal affairs in order (i.e. knowing what you will do with your home if the time comes that you need to move into a nursing home).
  • Understanding your financial picture – nursing homes costs thousands of dollars, so knowing how much your nursing home of choice will cost, and how you will pay for it, is very important.
  • Making an estate plan that protects your right to Medicaid – In Florida, Medicaid will pay for certain nursing home expenses if you meet eligibility requirements. Planning for your estate now can help to ensure that you will not be disqualified as a result of too many assets.
  • Exercising personal preferences – If you hold off on planning for nursing home care, the point may come where you are no longer able to make a choice; your loved ones may have to make a choice on your behalf. By planning now, you can choose which nursing home is best for you based on budget, personal interests, location, etc.

How Our Clearwater Nursing Home Planning Attorneys Can Help

No one likes to think about what will happen to them as they age; illnesses, disability, and death are all very scary topics. At the law offices of William Rambaum, P.A., we understand your fears, and want you to know that we provide reassurance and support when planning for nursing home care and other aspects of your healthcare and estate. We have been helping clients like you in Florida for more than 35 years, and have the skills, education, and training to handle your case. We can help you by explaining the benefits of planning for nursing home care, Medicaid qualifications, how to protect Medicaid eligibility, devising an estate plan, and more.

If you are ready to learn more about nursing home care and how to plan as you age, contact us today to schedule your first meeting with a Clearwater nursing home planning attorney. We are reachable at 727-781-5357.

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