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Do I have to wait 5 years after giving anything away to get Medicaid?

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When you apply for Medicaid, one of the questions that you will have to answer on the application is, “Have you made any gifts or transfers in the last five years?” You’re going to have to fill out a list of any transfers or gifts. When you apply, they’re going to add up all those gifts. They’re going to divide that number by what they call the monthly divisor, right now it’s about $8,600, to determine how many months you’re ineligible for Medicaid for.

The answer is, gifts will make you ineligible for some period of time but not necessarily for that long of a period. Often there are ways to correct those gifts so that you don’t have any period of ineligibility. If you make gifts, say a large gift, and you wait five years, you don’t have to report it at all.

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