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Some Seniors Who Want to Keep Their Independence While Staying Close to Family Choose Granny Pods


Planning for your retirement years involves a lot more than just deciding what to do with your money.  You must make difficult decisions about how the process of moving to a nursing home or assisted living facility will work if you need it, as well as deciding who you trust to make financial and medical decisions for you if your health declines to the point that you can no longer make them.  When planning for your old age, you should assume that you have many years ahead of you where you will be able to live independently or when you will only need a little bit of help.  For many seniors, staying in their empty nest in a temperate part of the United States year after year is not appealing, but what do you do?  Move to a beachfront condo in Florida?  Buy a timeshare and spend part of the year traveling?  Move in with one of your children?  Settle in a retirement community?  There is no right or wrong preference; it all depends on your family’s financial and emotional needs.  It is a good idea to consult with a Florida elder law attorney when making these decisions.

Are Granny Pods Right for You?

An increasingly popular option for seniors who want to live independently but fear being isolated is the accessory dwelling unit, colloquially known as a “granny pod.”  These are small, free-standing houses built on the land surrounding a larger house.  Several companies make prefabricated granny pods that can be assembled for a low cost.  These houses are just the right size for one senior or a retired couple.  They have a bedroom, a bathroom, and a kitchen, and their French doors and rounded countertops make them easily wheelchair accessible.  The slip-resistant floors and spacious showers are also ideal for seniors.  Some granny pods even have built-in defibrillators.

You might find that a granny pod outside your son or daughter’s house gives you more privacy than living with your grown children.  At the same time, you get to live near your extended family, instead of only having daily contact with elderly people and the nursing staff who assist them.

Why You Might Not Be the Ideal Candidate for a Granny Pod

Granny pods are not for everyone.  For example, it is not a good idea to build a granny pod on the land owned by one of your children if it will cause discord and resentment among siblings.  Likewise, it is only a good solution for you if you can trust your children and grandchildren to give you the help you need.  If you fear that living so close to one of your children will enable them to isolate you from your other family members and friends, it is definitely not a good idea.

Contact an Attorney for Help Today

You deserve to spend your golden years in a living situation that works best for you; an elder law attorney can help you make a feasible plan.  Contact Clearwater probate attorney William Rambaum to discuss your questions.




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