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Taking Care of Elderly Parents at Home Is Emotionally and Financially Stressful for Families


You have many reasons to be grateful.  Your life and health have lasted long enough to enable you to enjoy a relationship with your grandchildren, and maybe even with your great-grandchildren.  You own your own home.  You have done a lot to help your descendants be happy and financially stable.  As uncomfortable as it is to think about it, there is another step you need to take to ensure peace of mind for your family, and that is arranging for your long-term care if and when you need it.  What kind of care you want and who you want to be responsible for decisions when you are not healthy enough to make them yourself is an individual choice; there is no single right solution.  If you decide nothing, though, the stress your family members will face is immeasurable.  A Florida elder law attorney can help you think clearly about your long-term care plans.

The Perils of the Sandwich Generation

When sons and daughters take on a caregiving role for their elderly parents, their relationship can go from harmonious to contentious, or the transition can be heartbreaking for everyone.  Many people rate middle age as the most stressful period of one’s life; Professor David Blanchflower of Dartmouth College conducted a study in which he concluded that 47.2 was the unhappiest age.  A major reason that people in their 40s and 50s feel so much stress is that they are responsible for caring for their elderly parents, as well as their own children and, in some cases, grandchildren.  Most people who make plans and backup plans for their children’s support do not do the same for their parents.  Life in the sandwich generation is characterized by one emergency or crisis after another.  You transfer money to your son’s bank account so he can make his next child support payment, and the next day you find out that your mother fell down in her kitchen; there is always something to worry about or fix.

The families described in Christopher Rowland’s Washington Post article involve elderly parents who own their own houses but are slowly losing the ability to live independently.  The adult sons and daughters, who have children and grandchildren of their own struggle with the decision to sell the house and move the parent to an assisted living facility or find the means elsewhere to pay for in-home care.

You can save your family a lot of stress if you make a plan for long-term care long before you need it.  This way, your children can help you implement the plan when the time comes, and they will feel like they are simply following your instructions instead of having to argue with you about everything or go against your wishes.

Contact an Attorney for Help

Estate planning and planning for your long-term care go together, and making even a rudimentary plan will save your family a lot of difficult decisions, not to mention money.  Contact Clearwater nursing home planning attorney William Rambaum for help today.





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